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Over the decades, Mandell Trial Lawyers has become known as a group of personal injury attorneys who are tireless advocates for those who have suffered immense harm and wrongdoing at the hands of others. Even as we tackle some of the most challenging cases, we give each client personalized attention. We never forget that making the client whole is our paramount concern. We handle the gamut of personal injury cases, from simple auto accidents to complex product liability matters, with a special focus on brain and spinal cord injuries.

Victims of the catastrophic brain and spinal cord injuries require very specialized assistance. The road to recovery for these people is especially arduous, taking its toll on the victims and their loved ones, alike. Sometimes the future can seem dim. We have the means to connect victims of catastrophic harm with appropriate resources and experts to ease their burdens while we vigorously pursue their rights. We often invest tens of thousands of dollars in each case in our tenacious effort to ensure success.

Motorcycle and Bicycle Accidents. Motorcyclists and bicyclists are the energy efficient, environmentally friendly users of the roadway, and yet they can be the most vulnerable to serious injury accidents. Our personal injury law firm in Woodland Hills knows the special rules and privileges of the road that apply to motorcycles and bicycles, and that has paid off in a long track record of success for injured riders. We have recouped millions of dollars for riders, often in cases which seemed hopeless at the outset.

Third Party Work Injuries. On the job, injuries are common and often devastating. But work injury victims can usually only recover under the Workers Compensation system, which sometimes affords limited compensation. However, there are exceptions, especially where the worker’s injury was the fault of a “third party” not affiliated with his or her employer. That’s where we come in. Our top Woodland Hills personal injury law firm works closely with workers compensation lawyers to make sure their efforts to obtain those benefits are protected while we pursue the third party wrongdoer for compensation for all harms and losses, including pain, suffering, and loss of enjoyment of life. In this regard, we have obtained more than $12 million in settlements in the last few years alone. Per State Bar rules, part of our fees can be paid to the referring workers’ comp attorney.

See other areas of our personal injury legal work here. Although we are based in Woodland Hills, we serve Greater Los Angeles, the San Fernando Valley, and all of Southern California.

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