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Drivers depend on government entities to maintain roads so they are safe for use. Unfortunately, roadway maintenance and upkeep isn’t always a priority for many government entities that leads to road accidents. These road accidents can sometimes be serious enough to cause fatalities. If you, or a loved one were the victim of an accident that may have been caused by dangerous roadway conditions, you could be entitled to compensation. The road accident attorneys in Woodland Hills at Mandell Trial Lawyers can help you determine if you are entitled to compensation.

Dangerous Road Conditions Could be the Cause of Your Accident

Not all accidents are caused by human error — sometimes, accidents are caused by conditions created by the government’s failure or negligence to maintain roadways.

Some examples of road defects that can cause injuries or accidents include:

  • Debris left in the road after a recent storm
  • Potholes
  • Burned out or dim street lights
  • Malfunctioning or broken traffic lights
  • Missing or obstructed road signs
  • Work zones that are unmarked or poorly marked
  • Foliage that obstructs the roadway or blocks signs
  • Confusing or contradictory road signs
  • Dangerous intersections
  • Improper or missing sign
  • Dangerous intersections
  • Insufficient divider
  • Maintenance neglect
  • Improper construction zones

Common Types Of Injuries From Roadway Accidents

Car crash and roadway accident victims suffer from a number of injuries. The most common injuries that are caused by dangerous roadway conditions include:

  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  • Burns
  • Catastrophic injury, such as amputation or loss of limb
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Wrongful death

Dangerous Road Conditions Can Cause Pedestrian and Bicycle Accidents

Drivers aren’t the only individuals who are put in danger by unsafe road conditions. Pedestrians and bicycle riders can be victims of dangerous roadway accidents that result in severe, life-changing injuries.

Whether you were a motorist, passenger, pedestrian or cyclist, you deserve to receive fair compensation when unsafe roadway conditions caused your accident. The Woodland Hills road accident attorneys at Mandell Trial Lawyers have experience representing all victims of dangerous roadway accidents. It is our goal to advocate on your behalf so you receive maximum compensation.

Damages That Can Be Recovered After a Dangerous Roadway Accident

The responsible party who neglected to maintain the roadway may have to compensate you for damages you experienced as a result of the accident. Some examples of the damages you may seek compensation for after a dangerous roadway accident include:

  • Medical expenses — General doctor visits, emergency room bills, medical imaging bills, diagnostic testing, specialist appointments and surgical procedures.
  • Ongoing therapy — Inpatient or outpatient physical or occupational therapy.
  • Pain and suffering.
  • Loss of income.
  • Vocational training — If the injury is so severe you are unable to return to your chosen career, you may be able to receive compensation for any vocational training you may need when seeking a new career.
  • Property damage.
  • Home improvements for renovations that may need to be made due to the injuries you suffered.

Determining exactly how much compensation to ask for can be difficult, as the cost of damages may not be obvious. The caring and compassionate dangerous road accident attorneys in Woodland Hills at Mandell Trial Attorneys help calculate current and future damages so you receive fair compensation.

Statutory Time Limit To File Your Claim In Woodland Hills

It should be your first priority to talk to a Woodland Hills road accident lawyer after getting medical care. Generally, involving the cases of road accident you should file a claim within two years from the day of the accident. While for minors, the time limit is extended till they reach the age of 18. Contacting the lawyer as soon as possible results in strengthening your lawsuit. An immediate action after your accident makes the chances of compensation maximum. To receive a higher compensation contact a road accident attorney in Woodland Hills.

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California has very strict deadlines when it comes to filing a personal injury claim against a government entity. Notice must be properly filed within six months. Failure to file the proper documentation or meet deadlines can cause you to miss out on compensation you rightfully deserve.

The dangerous road accident attorneys in Woodland Hills at Mandell Trial Lawyers can help guide you through the complex legal process. The top road accident attorneys at our firm will help with everything from filing the proper paperwork and gathering evidence to negotiating settlements. Call our office today at (818) 886-6600 to schedule a free, no obligation confidential consultation to discuss your case.


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