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Bicycle Accidents


Bicycle riding has become a popular transportation mode as our Los Angeles streets and highways become increasingly congested and parking lots in many cities are limited. It is a convenient and relatively inexpensive way to travel, especially with rising gasoline prices. As for children, learning to ride a bicycle is still considered an important rite of passage. Bike riding is a popular and fun pastime for many young persons under the age of 16.

Dangers of Cycling
As with any mode of transportation, cyclists face dangers when trekking the roads of Southern California. Many cities have added bike lanes on major streets for extra protection for cyclists; however, negligent or distracted drivers still pose a severe threat for anyone riding a bike. In fact, a cyclist is fatally injured in the United States every six hours. Almost half of the cyclists injured every year are children under the age of 16.

Los Angeles bicycle accidents occur under various circumstances, including negligent motorists, hazardous road conditions, and defective equipment. Victims of bicycle accidents may be able to file a claim against the accident’s cause to recoup any financial losses due to injuries and hardships.

What to Do in Case of a Cycling Accident
Mandell Trial Lawyers represents clients throughout the San Fernando Valley and all Southern California. Our experienced and reputable Los Angeles area bicycle accident lawyers provide hands-on care and sincere commitment for victims of accidents and wrongful death, including mountain bike accidents, bicycle crashes, and all bike-related injuries.

Mandell Trial Lawyers attorneys are dedicated to representing victims of bicycle accidents in Southern California. Let our experienced personal injury lawyers help you recover maximum monetary compensation for damages and injuries resulting from your bike crash.
If you or a loved one has been seriously injured as the result of a bicycle accident, contact a bicycle accident lawyer at Mandell Trial Lawyers for a free case evaluation.


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