Recent studies indicate technology and equipment problems are the cause of one-fourth of operating room errors and cited as a cause in 15% of malpractice claims. A comprehensive review of 28 published studies based on operating room errors concludes that preoperative surgical checklists could reduce that error rate by half.

Choosing a safe car is usually a top concern when shopping for a new automobile. But many of us don’t necessarily know exactly what that means; what safety features to look for and how to know when we’ve found the car that meets our personal needs while still affording a reasonable degree of safety on the road. Given the extraordinary amount of time we spend in our automobiles, and the fact that nearly 1.3 million people die in road crashes each year, it stands to reason that we should take special care when purchasing a car.

With the Thanksgiving weekend upon us, and the long holiday season immediately following, it’s a good time to refresh your knowledge about foodborne illness and how to take precautions against it. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that 1 in 6 Americans (approximately 48 million) get sick from contaminated food each year, suffering from mild to severe upset stomach, abdominal pain, diarrhea, fever and dehydration.

Southern California has been through a heartbreaking week. Some of our own were forced to flee their homes and seek safety elsewhere. But these communities have always proven strong and resilient, and we will come through this one as well by standing together and relying on one another.

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) and the Los Angeles Police Department, staged auto accidents are on the rise in Southern California, and Los Angeles is the staged auto accident capital of the United States. Each year thousands of drivers are victims of staged auto accidents.

Age-appropriate toys are a vital part of every little one’s growth and learning process. Unfortunately, inappropriate toys can lead to injury or death, most often in the form of choking on small parts. With the holiday gift-giving season fast approaching, it’s time to give serious consideration to the toys and games you plan to give to the children in your life.

When you take your automobile onto the road in California, you’re taking chances. You’re relying on the notion that others will comply with traffic laws, obey speed limits, stop for stop signs and traffic lights, etc. But you also take the chance that you may be in an accident with an uninsured motorist. Because of this, California has developed its own set of severe laws which govern penalties for uninsured motorists.

Millions of people are attracted to motorcycles for all sorts of reasons, but while riding a motorcycle gives you freedom, that freedom can come at a steep price if you’re unskilled on a two-wheeled vehicle, or do not pay close attention to your surroundings and other vehicles on the road. A motorcycle accident can be just a millisecond away unless you’re always vigilant.

Our colleague, Robert Mandell, has written a featured article for the October edition of Valley Lawyer, a publication of The San Fernando Valley Bar Association. In it, he discusses mass tort actions in connection with large-scale disasters such as the Aliso Canyon gas leak in 2015, and navigating the choppy legal waters in defense of the rights of disaster victims. An excerpt from his writing is included below. We highly recommend that you click through to the entire article online and take a few minutes to read it. It begins on page 12 of the magazine. We at The Mandell Law Firm are very proud of his work.

Anyone who drives the roads, highways and freeways of California understands the inherent danger involved. Perhaps nothing on the highway poses a greater risk, or can result in more devastating destruction, than the thousands of large commercial trucks who share the roadways with us. Truck accidents, even at low speeds, can totally destroy a typical passenger car or motorcycle.

The recent destruction wrought by hurricane Florence in the Carolinas and Virginia have focused us, once again, on how well and how quickly our government agencies respond to the public’s needs during and after a natural disaster. In the event of a natural disaster or accident, do citizens have a right to expect a reasonable level of government liability for disaster response management. Should they be sued for negligence if they do not meet that expectation?

Buses are one of the most common forms of transportation in this country. From regional transit authorities, to city transportation, to school buses, we rely on them to take us places when we don’t have the means, or desire, to drive. But with so many buses on the road, that all too often translates into bus accidents. Some are minor, and some are deadly, but bus accidents can be very serious matters, which is why you should always consider engaging an experienced personal injury attorney if you’re involved in one.

A recent study from Johns Hopkins puts the number of deaths from medical errors every year in the United States at more than 250,000. Other reports estimate the numbers may be as high as 440,000. After heart disease and cancer, medical errors are the third-leading cause of death in the U.S. Much of the scrutiny has focused on surgical errors.

We should say, up front, that we believe most attorneys to honest and diligent on behalf of their clients. But, as in all professions, there are some whose qualifications for your case may be lacking, or whose integrity is questionable. How do you determine if the lawyer you’re about to hire is trustworthy? You can find an honest attorney and there are several ways to sort the excellent from the mediocre.

Suffering serious injury in an accident is life-altering enough when the injuries require ongoing medical care. But in the case of a brain injury, the body can be allowed to heal while the mind remains permanently impaired. With little or no hope for full recovery, victims, their families, and their caregivers are forced to dramatically alter their lives in order to deal with the results of a brain injury.

We’ve all heard the old adage, “You can’t fight city hall.” But, in truth, the government is not above the law nor immune from civil liability. Despite what many believe, the government, whether it be city, county, state or federal, can be held liable in court for their actions, just like any individual. You absolutely can sue a government agency, but there are specific guidelines that must be followed.

There are instances when a child is awarded money as a result of a personal injury settlement. If the child is under the age of 18, they are considered a minor and, therefore, California courts do not legally allow them to sign for themselves. In this case, a child would need an adult to sign for them. This is called a Minor’s Compromise.

For many of us, it’s one of our worst fears: needing medical care and not having health insurance coverage. Millions of Americans are in this position with more individuals and families potentially being added to the group each time someone loses a job. But, while needing medical care without health insurance can be a frightening reality to face, there are options available to you.

California’s 3,000 miles of ocean shoreline and almost 8,000 square miles of inland water make boating a popular activity in our state, particularly during this time of year. Summer brings out the boating enthusiasts in huge numbers. Each year, however, people are unnecessarily injured or killed from carbon monoxide poisoning while boating. Carbon monoxide on and around boats can be very dangerous, but accidents are avoidable.

We go to the supermarket with the intention of buying groceries for the coming week. As we maneuver the aisles, our attention is fixed on comparing prices and choosing the right foods for our family. We rely on the management of the supermarket to provide a safe environment for us to accomplish this. But what happens if you slip and fall in their store? If your accident was in some way the result of negligence on the part of management, how do you provide proof?

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