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Defective Toy Injury Lawyers Assisting Victims And Their Families Receive Compensation For Their Injuries

As a parent or relative of a child, you may be aware of the many dangers facing children of all ages. Protecting your child is probably one of the most extensive jobs that you have. But if your child is playing with a toy that is dangerous or defective, the responsibility to protect your child also lies in the hands of the toy manufacturer. Many children suffer from defective toy injuries or even death in severe cases when  the product does not meet the safety standards. If your child has been injured while playing with a toy, you may be entitled to compensation for damages. The defective toy injury attorneys in Woodland Hills at Mandell Trial Lawyers can help you with your claim to receive maximum compensation. 

A product can be labeled as defective or dangerous when it has a flaw that falls under one of the following categories:

  • A design defect occurs when a flaw in the design of the product makes it dangerous to consumers, regardless of the construction or assembly.
  • A manufacturing defect occurs when a product is constructed or assembled incorrectly, making it defective.
  • An inadequate labeling defect occurs when the product is not properly labeled to warn consumers of risk and dangers associated with the use of the product.


Children’s toys are considered unsafe or defective by these same guidelines. Defects, as described above, put a child at risk of serious injury and death if the problem is not addressed and consumers are not aware of the potential harm. It is the responsibility of the manufacturing toy company to warn consumers of dangers associated with the use of their products, through recalls or effective labeling. Children’s toys, for example, must be appropriately labeled with the age range that the toy is suited for.  

Negligent toy companies and manufacturers should be held responsible for the injuries and deaths caused by their products. If you or someone you know has been seriously injured by a defective toy, you may be able to file a claim against the manufacturer to seek damages for injuries and expenses surrounding the unsafe toy accident. To ensure the wrongdoers are held responsible, hire a defective toy injury lawyer in Woodland Hills to assist you throughout the case.


What Are Toy Recalls?

The toy recall is when the consumer returns a defective toy to the manufacturer in order to protect the general public. After the occurrence of a life-threatening incident, the Consumer Product Safety Commission orders a toy recall. To avoid the expense, manufacturers often delay the recall causing injuries to more innocent children. Therefore, it should be ensured that the delayed recall is taken into consideration and the immediate action is taken upon. 


Common Types Of Toy Injures In Woodland Hills

Children face many injuries from defective toys and some of those can result in deaths as well. Some of the most common types of injuries are:

  • Lead poisoning on the toys
  • Choking from small pieces
  • Getting strangled from the strings
  • Fractures
  • Burns from dangerous toys


Toys made under lack of supervision and sold by unauthorized dealers can result in such incidents, to stop the spread of such incidents contact a Woodland Hills defective toy injury attorney to protect the children of the States.  

Burden Of Proof In a Defective Toy Accident Claim

With the toy market growing as fast as its customers, defective toys have proven to be a major source of injuries. In order to claim an injury caused by a defective toy, you must meet the following elements of burden of proof:


  • The toy was defective
  • There was negligence on the part of the manufacturer
  • The child was harmed because of this negligence
  • The injury caused damages


Safety Standards Of Toys In Woodland Hills

Children’s toys in comparison to other products need extra vigilance and care during production and distribution. While manufacturing a toy, an average age limit should be considered. Children’s toys should be made with extra care as they play vulnerably and without adult supervision at all times. Additionally, third party testing and certification is also required. Unfortunately, despite all the measures available, companies make toys that are hazardous for children. When this happens, Woodland Hills defective toy injury lawyers can be of help.

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