Truck Accidents and California Personal Injury Law

Aslin Tutuyan discusses truck accidents

Anyone who drives the roads, highways and freeways of California understands the inherent danger involved. Perhaps nothing on the highway poses a greater risk, or can result in more devastating destruction, than the thousands of large commercial trucks who share the roadways with us. Of all the potential threats on the road, large commercial trucks and 18-wheelers can be especially perilous. Truck accidents, even when moving at moderate to low speeds, can totally destroy a typical passenger car or motorcycle.

Each year, thousands of people in Southern California are involved in collisions involving large trucks. A significant percentage of the occupants of these automobiles are either killed or see a drastic reduction in their quality of life as a result. It’s hard to imagine anyone coming into contact with such a mass of moving steel and not being seriously injured. In these situations, personal injury law can offer the means to help restore your life to normal after a catastrophic event.

Devastation and Serious Injury

These types of accidents are almost always devastating, even at slow speeds. When you compare the size of an automobile to a large truck, especially a tractor trailer, the automobile just doesn’t stand a chance. The car’s occupants can be seriously injured, even in what normally might be considered a minor accident.

Generally speaking, companies that dispatch large trucks onto the open road are heavily insured in the event of an accident. Their insurance carriers will do whatever it takes to see to it that their customer isn’t stuck with a large settlement. Meanwhile, anyone who is unfortunate enough to be in a collision with them can quickly lose everything. This is why having the right auto accident attorney in your corner is imperative.

Don’t Contribute to Your Own Disadvantage

Some will argue that an attorney isn’t necessary. After all, if the accident is the fault of the large truck, they have to pay damages, right? Not always. And even if they do, they will try to limit these damages as much as possible. This is one instance when you definitely need to be represented. These insurance carriers will try everything to get you to settle out of court, from fear tactics to intimidation. They will also drag out the proceedings, filing motion after motion to force you to settle out of sheer desperation, just so you can obtain some kind of restitution. This will rarely work out in your favor.

Expenses You May Encounter

When you carefully consider what you may have to lose as the result of a collision with a large truck, you should always look at the following factors.

  • Medical Bills – current and ongoing
  • Surgeries – immediate and future
  • Lost Wages – present and future loss of earnings
  • Pain and Suffering – both physical and emotional
  • Property Damage

Whether or not you need to be represented by a personal injury attorney is a decision that only you can make. It will almost always be well worth your time to seek out one or more qualified attorneys and seek professional advice before coming to a conclusion. The playing field is not level. Insurance companies have in-house teams of specialists who will fight to protect the best interests of the insurance carrier. You should also have a professional in your corner.

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