Tips To Help Teen Drivers Stay Safe

Mara Burnett discusses teen drivers

For most teenagers, getting a driver’s license is a major right of passage. It’s exciting, exhilarating, and offers most a lot more freedom. Once a teenager becomes a legal driver, it’s a passport to the open road, and means less reliance on Mom and Dad to get from place to place. But with this privilege, and this new freedom of movement, comes a huge new set of responsibilities. Sometimes, teen drivers abuse this privilege, resulting in disaster for themselves and sometimes even others. Below are a few teen driving safety guidelines to help ensure that your teenager arrives safely to his destination, and then back home again.

Teen Drivers Safety Checklist

  • Make sure that your teen driver is comfortable operating the car they are given to use. If your teen is used to driving a Volkswagen and you lend them your Ford Excursion, they won’t be used to how differently it handles and the drastic difference in braking distance. Don’t let them on the road until they’ve proven that they can handle it.
  • Keep reinforcing the importance of not using a cell phone while driving. Texting kills thousands of people every year – most of them teens. Parents can help support this by being good examples.
  • Make sure your teen is well-rested. If they are tired from a sporting event, studying, or just having a jam-packed schedule, don’t let them on the road. Drive them yourself.
  • Periodically check your teenager’s car to make sure that everything on it works. This is especially true of headlights, brake lights and brakes. Also, check to make sure their view isn’t obstructed by things in the back or a broken windshield or rear view mirrors.
  • Ensure that your teenager has enough time to get to their destination to discourage speeding.
  • Never let a teenager out on the road with bad tires or questionable steering.
  • Make sure they have a spare tire and jumper cables, too.
  • Be sure the car has plenty of gas each time they leave.
  • Teens should always leave at least three car lengths between them and other automobiles.
  • Teens should especially watch out for motorcycles.
  • The maximum number of people allowed in a car should never exceed the number of seat belts with shoulder straps.
  • Make sure they always maintain speed limits, especially when traveling through residential areas or in downtown traffic where pedestrians are plentiful.
  • Never, EVER operate a car while under the influence of drugs, alcohol or even prescription medicines that list drowsiness as a possible side effect.

Seek Qualified Legal Counsel

If your teenager is involved in a traffic violation or an accident, you want to make sure that it is handled properly. If not, the things at risk could include your finances, as well as your child’s future. You need to speak to an experienced attorney to make sure the matter is taken care of properly with the smallest possible residual effect.

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