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Mara Burnett discusses Representing Disaster Victims

Our colleague, Robert Mandell, has written a featured article for the October issue of Valley Lawyer, a publication of The San Fernando Valley Bar Association. In it, he discusses mass tort actions in connection with large-scale disasters such as the Aliso Canyon gas leak in 2015, and navigating choppy legal waters in defense of the rights of disaster victims. An excerpt from his writing, Representing Disaster Victims, is included below. We highly recommend that you click through to the entire article online and take a few minutes to read it. It begins on page 12 of the magazine. We at The Mandell Law Firm are very proud of his work.

Critical Mass: Representing Disaster Victims

  by Robert J. Mandell

Several local catastrophes—such as the San Fernando Valley’s Porter Ranch gas leak and the Exide Technologies lead pollution case— have given rise to mass tort lawsuits that give individual victims and law firms the ability to band together and challenge even the largest multinational corporation. While a mass tort case shares much in common with any given individual tort, practitioners delving into mass tort face several unique challenges: managing multiple claims and claimants; navigating a complex court system and possible bankruptcy; and funding big ticket items such as expert witnesses.

When the first whiffs of rotten egg smell wafted into homes near the base of Aliso Canyon, few could imagine the choking, toxic onslaught of natural gas that would envelop the community of Porter Ranch in the weeks to come. Fewer still in this upper middle-class San Fernando Valley suburb had any idea that the Southern California Gas Company, owned by energy giant Sempra, operated a large natural gas storage facility right in their back yard or could foresee the mass emergency exodus to hotels and rental homes that followed. But when their throats started to burn and their children’s noses began to bleed, whole families packed up whatever would fit in their cars and self-evacuated, leaving behind homes filled with explosive methane and uncertainty.

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Robert J. Mandell – Representing Disaster Victims

Robert J. Mandell is partner in The Mandell Law Firm in Woodland Hills, focusing on catastrophic injury and significant torts. The firm represents several hundred victims of the Aliso Canyon Gas Leak and is co-counsel for all plaintiffs in the Exide lead battery case. His full article appears in the October 2018 issue of Valley Lawyer Magazine. For the past 30 years, Rob has been representing disaster victims, as well as victims of personal injury of all kinds, while going up against some of the largest companies in the world, including Sempra Energy, Ford, GM, AIG, and many others.

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