Toyota Recall

Toyota recall
  • 7-2010 Models)
  • Sequoia (2008-2010 Models)
  • Toyota Rav4, Corolla, Matrix (2009-2010 Models)
  • RAV4 (2009-2010 Models)
  • Corolla (2009-2010 Models)
  • Matrix (2009-2010 Models)
  • Highlander (2010 Model)

In September 2009, Toyota linked the problem to an external issue and cautioned that its floor mats were becoming stuck under the accelerator pedal. Consumers were advised to remove the mats in their vehicles. However, after more individuals filed official complaints of injury and accidents involving Toyota model cars, Toyota had to continue investigating the issue and eventually admitted that there were manufacturing and design defects that were contributing to the gas pedal problem.

In the new 2010 recall, Toyota claims there is a rare possibility that certain accelerator pedal mechanisms may become mechanically stuck in a partially depressed position or return slowly to the idle position. Toyota consumers were informed that they would have to wait three weeks to find out if their recalled vehicle was one of the defective models and then have to wait additional time as arrangements were made to repair the auto product defect.

Common complaints Toyota consumers have with their defective vehicles include:
  • Accelerator pedals sticking
  • Vehicles suddenly speeding forward
  • Unable to stop or slow the vehicle

Toyota issued instructions on how to handle the loss of vehicle control, advising consumers to press and hold the ‘power’ switch on their autos for more than three seconds to make an emergency stop. Toyota’s safety instructions appear to have come too late for many, as new federal reports have shown a startling increase in the number of recent Toyota auto accident injuries and deaths. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) says that there have been at least 34 reported fatalities in the last decade involving Toyota accelerator issues and as many as 13 reported fatalities between the dates of January 27, 2010, and February 15, 2010.

People in the San Fernando Valley and greater Los Angeles area who drive Toyotas and who have suffered injuries in accidents or, much worse, have lost loved ones, are left to question if these defects have played a role. If Toyota had taken proper precautions and investigated initial complaints more seriously, lives in Southern California and throughout the United States could have been spared, and the emotional and financial toll on those that were needlessly injured could have been avoided.

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