It’s the “Season” for Motorcycle Accidents

Aslin Tutuyan discusses motorcycle accidents.

Summer is here and the days are longer, and the warmer days mean our roads will start to see a significant increase in motorcycle traffic. This also means that drivers will need to exercise even more caution on the already crowded California highways to ensure everyone gets home safely. While there is clearly no such thing as a “season” for motorcycle accidents, every summer sees a rise in accidents involving motorcyclists and it’s up to drivers and riders to educate themselves on sharing the roads safely.

While responsibility for motorcycle accidents can often be a shared thing, more often than not statistics indicate that motorcycle accidents are typically caused by motorists failing to see a motorcyclist or failing to yield to the cyclist’s right-of-way. These accidents often result in serious injury or even in death. Because of the seriousness of this issue, the Motorcycle Safety Foundation released an iBook a few years ago titled, Intersection: Sharing the Road that is designed to instruct motorists about what they can do to increase motorcycle safety.

An Ongoing Effort to Educate Motorists

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation is reaching out to motorists to educate them about motorcyclist’s rights. Their hope is that by offering information they have developed, motorcyclists and motorists can work together to create a better understanding of how they can share the roads more safely. In addition to their downloadable iBook, they offer many online courses, from basic to advanced, to help you hone your riding skills and be a safer motorcyclist.

The iBook, mentioned above, offers information about motorcycle accidents and educates motorists about the accidents purely from the motorcyclist’s perspective. There are diagrams, illustrations, and even videos that can help motorists understand how dangerous the roads can be for motorcycles, and they can learn to avoid some of the most common motorcycle accident scenarios. The 32-page book can be downloaded from iTunes. We have linked to it below.

If you’re a motorist, the best advice you can take is to be aware of those on the roads around you, particularly if those around you include motorcycles. Motorcycles have the same rights on the roads as any other vehicle. And keep in mind that at this time of year it is far more likely that the lanes around you will include a few more motorcycles than you might see in cooler months.

“Lane Splitting” Is Legal in California

California also happens to be almost unique in that motorcyclists are actually allowed to ride in the same lane as motorists in a practice known a lane splitting. While lane splitting is illegal is many states, California is one of the few where it is still allowed. Because of this, it is extremely important that both auto drivers and motorcyclists be cautious and aware when on the roads.

If you’re a motorcyclist, the best precaution you can take is to assume that those around you do not see you and, of course, always wear a helmet. Helmets can mean the difference between life and death. Do not rely on the motorists around you to be aware of where you are. You must ride defensively at all times.

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