San Fernando Valley medical malpractice lawyer Robert Mandell of The Mandell Law Firm obtained a $2.25 million verdict for a patient who suffered an anoxic brain injury during eye surgery. The case, Tseng v. Mazzocco Ambulatory Surgery Center, established that the Ambulatory Surgery Center was negligent in allowing the anesthesiologist to leave the sedated patient unattended and with nurses who were not trained or licensed to care for a patient who had received anesthesia.

During trial proceedings for the San Fernando Valley eye surgery malpractice case, Mr. Mandell described how both the Ambulatory Surgery Center and the anesthesiologist were aware that the plaintiff was diabetic and had a severe, preexisting kidney disease. Nevertheless, the anesthesiologist left, and was permitted to leave by the Ambulatory Surgery Center, the surgery room after the patient was given anesthesia. As a consequence, the patient suffered an anoxic brain injury because no one knew that he had a reaction to the anesthesia and went into a deeper state of sedation than was intended, causing him to be deprived of oxygen.

What is even more shocking about this particular case is that it was proven that the anesthesiologist has a history of leaving sedated patients in the surgery room with nurses who are not trained or licensed to monitor or assist patients who have received anesthesia. In addition, Mr. Mandell helped prove that the Ambulatory Surgery Center knew about and allowed this to happen on many occasions before.

In committing over 30 years to protecting the rights of those harmed by another person’s negligence or oversight, Mr. Mandell and his legal team at The Mandell Law Firm continue to help individuals and families obtain compensation for pain and suffering, lost wages, medical bills, and other damages. To learn more about the firm, visit or call 818-886-6600 if you have questions about your particular medical malpractice or personal injury case.

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