Why Accidents Are Always a Legal Matter

Mara Burnett discusses legal rights.

Most of us believe, on some level, that we’re invincible until something happens to remind us that this is not true. A slip and fall accident or a car wreck can suddenly bring us back to reality, and it’s usually not a pleasant awakening. It’s the moment we realize that we’re just as vulnerable as the people we hear about on the news. That’s also when most of us realize that we have no idea what our legal rights are when it comes to personal injury law.

Do You Know Your Legal Rights?

The truth is that accidents happen and it can be traumatic to deal with, even if it’s not something life threatening. Not only are we generally unknowledgeable about our legal rights, most of us have little or no idea what compensation we might legally be entitled to. Understanding the legal side of even a small accident can be daunting and leave you confused and angry. If you ignore it, someone may take advantage of your lack of knowledge regarding your rights. That’s when an experienced attorney should come into the picture. A qualified personal injury lawyer can help you evaluate your case and determine what your next move should be.

Accident Cases Are Stressful

The trauma of an accident often has to do with rehabilitation. You may not be as easily able to do all the things you did before the accident, and you might have to make changes in your life as a result. The trauma can also have to do with the pressure of recovering financially. In such instances, it can be critical to have a lawyer who understands and can help you with the legal matters without putting you under further stress, and help you understand the financial side insofar as the compensation you are rightfully entitled to.

Get Legal Advice Early – Before Mistakes Are Made

The most important thing, when it comes to accidents, is to get legal advice promptly – before you make any statements, or get yourself into financial trouble. The Mandell Law Firm will be able to offer you the advice you need, or refer you to someone who can. We have a 30 year track record, so you can easily judge our value to your case.

For Additional Information

Mara Burnett Will Help Evaluate Your Personal Injury Case

If you or a loved one is dealing with an injury suffered through no fault your own, Mara Burnett can help. Experienced and reputable, Mara and the other attorneys at Mandell Law provide hands-on care and a sincere commitment to victims of personal injury and harms of all kinds, including auto accidents and third party negligence. The Mandell Law Firm, in Woodland Hills, California is an aggressive personal injury law firm serving clients throughout the San Fernando Valley, the Greater Los Angeles area and Southern California. Contact Mara Burnett for a free consultation at 818.886.6600.

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