Is the Attorney You’re Considering Trustworthy?

Aslin Tutuyan discusses finding an honest attorney.

Anytime we have the need to hire an attorney, we expect to have a professional on our side who will fight for our rights and always have our best interests at heart. We should say, up front, that we believe most attorneys to honest and diligent on behalf of their clients. Unfortunately, as in all professions, there are some lawyers whose qualifications for your particular case may be lacking, or whose integrity is questionable. How do you determine if the lawyer you’re about to hire is trustworthy? You can find an honest attorney and there are several ways to sort the excellent from the mediocre.

First, simply have a discussion about your case. Pay close attention in these early talks. An honest lawyer will go through all the pros and the cons of your case and give you an unbiased opinion of the likelihood of winning. They won’t sugar coat your chances. A lawyer that is less principled may be more prone to tell you that you have nothing to lose – no matter what the circumstances. He or she might be willing to tell you whatever is necessary to persuade you to hire them, particularly if they stand to be paid regardless of the outcome of your case.

Get a Prospective Attorney to Talk About Himself

Another tactic is to ask about them. A reputable, honest attorney will be truthful about his wins and losses and his credentials for your type of case, including his background and experience. He will inform you of any assistants and/or experts he may have available who might be helpful to your case. A less honest lawyer may talk only about his successes in the courtroom, glossing over any negatives, and try to impress you as quickly as possible. He may even seem over-confident, because he really needs your business.

An Honest Attorney Will Have an Excellent Reputation

One of the best things you can do is to check a potential lawyer’s reputation. A competent, honest attorney will be well-respected by other lawyers and judges. She will have a well-known reputation for being a professional who fights for her clients. She won’t find it necessary to impress you by telling you these things herself. When you mention the name of a less-than-reputable lawyer, her peers may not openly disparage her, but they will probably give you a sign that you should be looking elsewhere.

Look for Passion and Commitment

Try to determine your lawyer’s motivation. That’s not always easy. A lot of people are practiced at hiding their true purpose, but if it seems to you that he or she is all about the money, you may want to keep looking. Almost all attorneys expect to be well paid for their knowledge and expertise, but when you’re entrusting a life-changing course of action to a professional, you hope that money is not his only motivation. If you get the feeling that he is at least as interested in seeing justice done for you and your family, and he meets your other criteria, then you may want him on your short list

Can You Find Lots of Satisfied Clients?

Look for satisfied clients. Today, it’s easier than ever to find enthusiastic recommendations for almost any professional you’re thinking about doing business with. There are hundreds of websites and publications that offer clients and customers the opportunity to sing the praises of, or express disappointment in, everyone from lawyers and doctors to plumbers and hot dog vendors. While there will always be unhappy clients who feel things should have gone their way, you should be able to find overwhelmingly positive feedback on the lawyer you are considering for your case. If most of what you find is negative, it’s probably not insignificant.

Be sure to thoroughly check out any lawyer before retaining their services. Using these guidelines, you shouldn’t have much difficulty identifying a list of honest, qualified attorneys, and making the choice that best suits your case.

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