Bus Accidents Can Change Your Life

Laurence Mandell discusses bus accidents and personal injury law.

Buses are one of the most common forms of transportation in this country. From regional transit authorities, to city transportation, to school buses, we rely on them to take us places when we don’t have the means, or desire, to drive. But with so many buses on the road, that all too often translates into bus accidents. Some are minor, and some are deadly, but bus accidents can be very serious matters, which is why you should always consider engaging an experienced personal injury attorney if you’re involved in one.

There are several dangerous factors involving using a bus for transportation that we typically don’t think about. One is the fact that a vast majority of them, no matter their origin, don’t provide seat belts for passengers. While this is a hazardous scenario for adults, it is particularly dangerous for young children when traveling to and from school.

Buses Also Present Hidden Dangers

Another danger is presented when children are entering and exiting a school bus. This frequently results in an accident that causes serious injury, or even the loss of a child’s life. When parents turn their children over to a bus driver, they are trusting that their children will be taken care of, and arrive safely at their destination. However, no matter how competent the driver, when your child is involved in an accident on or around a bus, it often means a disastrous outcome.

But bus accidents don’t always have to involve you or your child as a passenger. Accidents between buses and automobiles are quite common as well. Considering the fact that buses carry such immense weight and are so much larger than most vehicles, it is understandably more difficult to bring them to a stop than for a typical passenger automobile.

Driverless Public Transportation On the Horizon

Another aspect of public transportation that, while still in its infancy, will demand more and more attention is the growing number of “driverless” buses and cars. There have already been accidents involving driverless buses and other vehicles and, while its not always been the fault of the driverless vehicle, it’s another factor that will almost certainly complicate the process of assigning responsibility and adjudicating a resolution.

Know What to Do if You’re a Victim

Buses can be cut off in traffic, cars can stop abruptly in front of them, or bad weather conditions can interfere with safe operation. Whatever the scenario, being involved in a bus accident is usually a serious matter.

Whether you’re a passenger on the bus, or someone in another vehicle, you deserve to be protected from the devastating damage that a bus accident can inflict. As you can imagine, buses carry a lot of responsibility, which requires a great deal of coverage. Insurance companies will try to minimize the extent of the damages since they have so much liability riding on the outcome. In order to be sure that your legal and medical rights are protected, you need the services of a competent attorney.

Seek Professional Advice Immediately

Being represented means that your needs won’t be casually overlooked. Injuries can present immediate needs, as well as more long-term requirements. It’s hard to determine exactly what your recovery will involve. An attorney can make sure that your settlement includes what you will need to regain your life and your health.

If you find yourself involved in a bus accident, you should contact a qualified attorney to make sure that you are well protected. Insurance companies don’t always recognize what it will take to get your life back to normal. Your attorney will.

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