Animal Attack and Personal Injury Law

Aslin Tutuyan discusses animal attack and personal injury law.

There are those who only love specific kinds of animals, and there are those who admire the entire animal kingdom. But regardless of how deep and extensive your love of animals, they also demand a certain level of respect. Even the most docile creature is still an animal, and therefore has a natural inclination to its animal instincts. These can assert themselves at any time, often without warning, resulting in an animal attack, most commonly a dog bite. When this happens, you can easily become seriously injured. For those who have experienced an animal attack in California, you need to be properly represented so that your medical expenses, as well as reimbursement for pain and suffering, are not overlooked.

While many animals make wonderful companions and are nice to have around, in the case of domestic pets, there must always be someone who is responsible for them and for their actions. When those actions turn aggressive, you can’t always be sure that the responsible party will be around when you need them. Animals don’t have the ability to understand and abide by the law, but their owners and caregivers do. If someone takes on the responsibility to house and care for an animal, they also assume the responsibility for the animal’s actions, particularly when those actions become dangerous.

Respect the Territorial Imperative

One of the main reasons animals attack humans is due to territorial issues. Animals like dogs have a natural instinct to protect their close surroundings and maintain control over territory they consider to be their own. When an animal feels this security threatened, their inclination is to attack. This could happen in the yard of someone’s home that you’re visiting, even if you’ve been there before; it could be a dog that has gotten loose from its restrained area or from its leash while being walked by its owner. Regardless of the circumstances, we all deserve to be safe from aggressive behavior by other people’s pets.

Dog Bites Most Common Danger

The most common animal attack, of course, involves a dog bite. You should always exercise a modicum of caution when around dogs and other animals that are not your own, even if you’re relatively familiar with them. If, in spite of this caution, you suffer a dog bite or other injury from an animal, the animal’s owner is responsible to compensate you for whatever injuries or damages result. Surprisingly, owners are not always willing to make restitution for damages or injuries caused by their beloved pets. They will often blame the victim for provoking the attack. Trying to threaten compensation from this kind of owner isn’t typically successful. Having the right attorney in your corner is.

Let the Law in California Protect Your Rights

In California animal attacks are handled the same way they are in most parts of the country. The owner, or other responsible party, is generally held liable for damages and injuries arising from a pet’s actions. When the owner or caregiver isn’t willing to own up to that responsibility, you need an attorney who can take charge and resolve the issue for you. Don’t let an attack by an animal alter your life and cause you needless suffering. Hire the right attorney for the job so that your best interests can be protected, and your injuries properly taken care of.

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